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Here at New Concept Louvers, Inc., our maintenance-free roof cupolas never need painting, are easy to install, and we offer over 450 colors to choose from! Choose from any one of our 78 standard models or let us build a custom roof cupola to your exact specifications! Our louvered roof cupolas allow your roof to breathe, reducing heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer, all while adding a distinctive touch of class to the roof line! Additionally, our innovative windowed roof cupolas add an attractive accent to your home by day and they light up the sky like a miniature lighthouse by night These windowed conversation pieces are strictly ornamental, since they do not vent. We always strive to give you, our valued customer, exactly what you want. You pick the style, the color, and size you want, and we'll build the cupola and ship it to you, all ready for installation!