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About New Concept Louvers

An innovative company, New Concept Louvers, Inc., has been building stock and custom Louvers for over 27 years. When Brent Fry first started as an installer in the siding business, he could never find a custom sized or colored vent to meet his customers' needs. To fill this need, he began custom-making Louvers for his own customers. Fry's custom Louvers gave him a competitive edge that set his siding jobs apart from the competition, as he was able to make vents in any size, shape and in any color combination.

Seeing the quality of his work, a handful of local wholesalers ordered the custom Louvers, thus the birth of New Concept Louvers, Inc. It didn't take long for this valuable product and service to spread, with currently over 1600 dealers nationwide.

At first, customers were a little hesitant to order custom products. But after experiencing New Concept Louver's quality products and the best service in the business, that obstacle was soon overcome.

New Concept Louvers, Inc. provides over 400 colors which perfectly match virtually every vinyl, steel and aluminum siding colors on the market today. They can also be used in wood, stucco and brick applications. Along with their stock sized products available in octagon, rectangle, and foundation vents, New Concept Louvers, Inc. is also know for its unlimited selection of custom Louvers and Cupolas, Shutters and copper accessories. We welcome you to our site, and look forward to providing you with the superior customer service for which we are known.

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