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How Do I Determine the Pitch of my Roof?

Our Cupolas ship with the base pitch already cut out of the base to conform to the pitch of your roof. So the all important question when ordering a cupola is, what is your roof pitch and how do you find it?

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Maintenance Free Cupolas

Windowed or Louvered? No matter what look you're going for, our Aluminum clad cupolas are all maintenance free.

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How to Install a Cupola

So you've decided on the cupola you want for your home, now what? What you'll need to install it and to do it.

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Louvers...Any Size, Shape or Color

Louvers - or gable end vents- are a must for attic ventilation.  They prevent moisture build up in the winter and create air flow in the summer.

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Drag and drop our cupola photo onto your architectural drawings, position it where you'd like it, and be able to view it in 3D! Now thats innovation at it's finest.

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Colored Louvers & Cupolas

450 colors is a lot of different options to choose from....

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