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How large should my cupola be?

The most common mistake made in ordering a cupola is underestimating how large it should be. Remember, a cupola always looks smaller once it is up on the roof. A good rule of thumb is this: ALLOW AT LEAST ONE INCH OF CUPOLA BASE WIDTH FOR EVERY FOOT OF UNBROKEN ROOF LINE. If you have any doubts in your situation please call and we will help you.

How do I determine the pitch of my roof?

To save you the trouble, we ship our cupolas with the base pitch already cut out of the base to conform to the pitch of your roof. So we need to know your roof pitch. Here's how to determine it:

  1. Nail two approximately 3-foot-long studs together at one end, using one nail. Place the studs on top of your roof as shown in the diagram below, be sure to account for the extra height the ridge shingle may add then, draw pencil lines on the studs where they cross each other. Secure them in that position by driving another nail or two through the two studs where they cross.
  2. Draw a 24" X 24" square. Measure 12" across and draw a line from top to bottom. Place the joined studs so that the point where the studs cross intersects the line, and the edges of the studs line up with the bottom corners of the square.
  3. Measure, in inches, the distance from the bottom edge of the square to where the two studs intersect the line. This number is the "rise," and is the first number in the pitch. The second number is the "run", and is 12. So, for example, if you measured 7", the pitch of your roof with 7/12, pronounced "Seven over twelve."

Do I have to ever paint my cupola?

Most ready-made and build-from-a-kit cupolas are made of wood that needs to be painted when you first install the cupola and frequently thereafter. Our cupolas, on the other hand, are made of wood wrapped in PVC-coated aluminum, so they never need painting. Even if you want the base and louvered section of your cupola to be some other color than the standard white, you still never need to paint the cupola, because you can choose from over 400 colors of PVC-coated aluminum! And the roofs of our cupolas are clad in copper, which also requires no painting.

Colors Offered

Are the cupolas difficult to install?

No we have made it relatively easy. A cupola can be quite heavy, making it very difficult to hoist onto your roof. That's why we build our cupolas in three easy-to-assemble sections, so you don't have to haul so much weight all at once. Our innovative three-section design also makes it easier to attach the cupola to your roof. We even cut the base pitch in for you, to accommodate the pitch of your roof, so you don't have to!