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La Jolla Hose Pot w/Lid - Copper Finish

La Jolla Hose Pot w/Lid - Copper Finish

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SKU 449VB-458VB
Posh, yet practical, these attractive hose pots enrich the yard and garden with their style and charm. A handsome hiding spot for up to 150 feet of unruly garden hose, each pot is handmade using Old World techniques with modern innovation to create an attractive and practical outdoor accent. A raised interior base helps guide the hose within the container, while multiple drainage holes eliminate excess water. An ample side hole allows the hose to be easily connected to an outdoor faucet. These versatile containers can also be used as graceful planters, firewood containers, or impressive drink buckets sure to strike up conversation. - 13"H x 20"W - Crafted from steel with a beautiful Copper finish - Roomy enough for 150 feet of garden hose - Cleverly designed to contain the hose while eliminating kinks and snarls - Holes in the bottom of the Pot provides drainage and a convenient side hole allows the hose to stay connected to the faucet - This Hose Pot has a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

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