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Weathervane Frequently Asked Questions

What size Weathervane should I get for my Cupola?

Most of our Standard Size Weathervanes are the perfect size for our Cupolas.  However, some Weathervane figures are smaller than others so be sure to check the figure size.  Should you order a larger sized Cupola, the Estate Series is recommended.   Please call for help or assistance in choosing the perfect Weathervane for your Cupola.

How do I mount my Weathervane?

Although most can be traditionally mounted using the 401AL adjustable roof mount, there are many other complementary ways to display your weathervane.  These can be mounted on rooftops, Cupolas, deck and fence brackets, garden poles, gable mount, etc.

Mounting Options

How do I install my Weathervane on the Cupola?

All of our Cupolas come ready to accept a Weathervane rod so no additional hardware is required.

Post Installation Instructions
Weathervane Installation

How long will the polished Copper finish stay shiny on my Weathervane?

Depending on your location, usually within a few months, the copper will lose its shine and start to naturally tarnish. We can coat your Polished Weathervane with a product that protects and maintains the polished finish of your copper Weathervane for approximately 7 years to prolong the look of raw copper.

Do the weathervanes require assembly?

Yes our weathervanes do require some assembly. Instructions are included. All you need is a screwdriver & the parts simply slide onto the assembly rod and are secured by setscrews. We do suggest a thread-locking adhesive when assembling the rods.

Weathervane Assembly

What size weathervane should I purchase?

We have several different sizes to choose from: The Garden Weathervanes are smaller versions of our classic Standard Size line and are specifically designed for mounting on smaller structures or for use in the garden. The more traditional Standard Size Weathervanes are designed to fit most homes, garages, or gazebos. Our largest line, The Estate Series, is designed to complement larger homes, barns or commercial buildings.